Have a trademark before launch your products

First protect the core projects,then the extension projects

What is trademark?

Trademark is the mark that producer and operator used in their products and services to separate from others'.The trademark contains characters,figures,numbers,three dimensional marks,colours,sound or the combination of these elements.It's the product of modern economy.

Trademark is companies' invisible assets,and there was no fixed standards to evaluate its value.The trademark's value in the process of investment or business lie on the capital behind it.The value is the capital value,not the subjective value.The value usually depends on the trademarks' awareness,recognition and the estimated value it will produce.

Advantage of service



Approved by the State Administration of trademark registration



Multidimentional and comprehensive considerate service



A strong team with hign quality service



China Trademark Assosiation member

Capital Intellectual Property Services Association member

The benefits of a registered trademark

Trademark registration process

Trademark inquiry

Trademark inquiry

Registered type judgement and risk assessment

1 working date

Registration submit

Registration submit

Prepare related material for submission

1-2 work dates

Receipt notice

Receipt notice

Trademark bureau's formal examination stage

Around 3 months

Certificate of registration of a trademark

Certificate of registration of a trademark

Trademark registration is totally completed

Around 12 months